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Reliable delivery to your door, no matter where and when...

The company Kleintransport „PB” engaged in delivery of shipments and packages below  1000kg. Transport is done using vans, pick-up cars at the agreed location as soon as possible.We deliver your shipments in Vienna, Austria and also from Vienna to any place in Europa, and together with our partners we organize transport of goods around the world.


We try to respond to customer requirements expeditiously, by guaranteeing safe and secure delivery. Although we are young company, by now we are famous for our quality and fast service, whenever and wherever there is the need for it.


Companies Kleintransport „PB” represents a reliable and safe partner for your business and for your personal needs. Through cooperation with big transport companies, Kleintransport „PB” provides safe transport of goods from the air terminal to your homes. Through cooperation with restaurants reliable and fast delivery of food takes place in the area of Vienna. In order to achieve long-term cooperation to guarantee the safety of its customers and efficiency.


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All our prices excl. VAT for transport within Vienna
Transport from
Transport to
Weight up to 30kg - volume up to 0.5m3, up to 1.5m length without loading aid


Loading aid per hour € 20, -

The hourly rate applies from 5 addresses.

Waiting time 10 minutes free, each additional minute € 0,30
The arrival would be charged 6 €, -

Arrivals are charged for orders canceled in the pick-up time window and the drivers are five minutes or less away from the pick-up

Standing orders will be charged with flat rate, the price is to be agreed directly with the client.


Hourly rate:

Fare STD1: Per hour € 20, - for shipments with payload up to 50kg

Fare STD2: Per hour € 25, - for shipments with payloads over 50kg up to 300kg
Fare STD3: Per hour € 30, - for shipments with a payload of more than 300kg up to 600kg
Tariff STD4: Per hour € 40, - for shipments with a payload of more than 600kg up to 1000kg

The first hour is fully charged, then every half an hour.


Vienna - Surroundings - Austriawide - Europewide:

Fare KM1: Per kilometer € 0,90 for shipments with payload up to 50kg
Fare KM2: Per kilometer € 1,00 for shipments with payloads over 50kg up to 300kg
Fare KM3: Per kilometer € 1,10 for shipments with payloads over 300kg up to 600kg

Fare KM4: Per kilometer € 1,20 for shipments with a payload of more than 600 kg up to 1000kg

Up to 100km is charged + 40%

From 101km to 200km will be charged + 25%

From 201km is charged + 15%.


One direction of travel(freight mileage) is always charged, if there is a return trip then no percent will be charged additionally.



MON.-FRI. (18h-07h): +50%

SAT. (17h-00h): +50%
Sundays and Holidays (00h-24h): + 100%



All prices excluding VAT !!!

We would be more then happy to cooperate with you...